Each year we have quarterly exhibitions which feature themes that pertain to the seasons.
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Current ONLINE Exhibition — Spring

Spring is nature's way of reminding us that every day is worthy of celebration. The cold, long days of winter are fading away, so we are inspired by the warming temperatures, rains, and the emergence of growth; from the first Snow Drops and Crocus, to the full bloom of leaves on the trees.

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Next ONLINE Exhibition

As the days are getting longer, and the warmth returns, it's natural that our thoughts turn to summer. We begin to fantasize more, thinking of holidays, long summer days, barbecues of the back deck, days at the beach under blue skies, warm summer evening walks, working the garden, ice cream, and sitting outside.

Summer clipartSUMMER CALL FOR ENTRY deadline is May 20

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Zorica Silverthorne, the WAAH Exhibitions Chair

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